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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Inconnu Ictu - Caustic In Language
SPNet17 - 320 Kbps MP3 - 88.3 MB
Genres: Rhythmic Drone / Rhythmic Noise, Dark Ambient, Field Recording
Country: Philippines


01 Kinaesthesia [11:12]
02 Dedication Of Merit [6:49]
03 With This Or That... Choices Is Yours... [8:20]
04 Caustic In Language [6:41]
05 Somehow, Five Minutes Then A Two Seconds [5:02]

SP Net loves archive material. This album is THE reason: Breathless churning and crunching noises, low-fi recording pitches--haphazard-seeming sounds masterfully layered into complex rhythms. Caustic In Language Manages to be tense and soothing at once.

Click the graphic above to download the zip file. Click here to visit the archive webpage.

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