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Saturday, June 5, 2010


Flat Affect - Supplemental Verses
SPNet06 - 48.8 MB - 320 Kbps MP3
Genres: Dark Ambient, Atmospheric Noise, Drone
Country: United States

01. Bleed for Me (2nd Hemorrhage) --Remastered-- [3:42]
02. I'm Human and You are Not [8:01]
03. Chaos and Blank Darkness [5:00]
04. Disassociamine --Remastered-- [4:17]

This is a re-issue of the ultra-rare Supplemental Verses 3" CD-r released by Smell the Stench in 2008. The original edition sold out within a week.

To celebrate this release I have remastered track 1 and included track 4 (which was originally released on the ultra-rare Heresy 3" CD-r)

To download the .zip file click the graphic above. Click here to visit the website.


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