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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Fm-Ra & jjoth - Impossible Worlds
SPNet11 - 29.3 MB - 320 KBPS MP3
Genres: Ambient, Dark Ambient, Post-industrial
Countries: Portugal, Ukraine

1. Fm-Ra - Fallen Eons [2:21]
2. Fm-Ra - Oblivion [2:38]
3. jjoth - Waste [3:57]
4. jjoth - We Are Alone Now [3:05]

The EP is one of many possible soundtracks for a dystopic world, in which the quested paradise has become a vivid image - a memory? - in one's mind, mere reflex of the past communion man-nature, now overwhelmed by the asymmetric relation man-technology/machine.

Click the graphic above to download the .zip file. Click here to visit the archive website.

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