Sunday, July 22, 2012


To celebrate the 50th release of SP since 2004 I have created a mix-tape using a song from every unduplicated SP release. This release is FREE of charge, but requires a commitment from you!

This is a limited-edition physical release packaged in YOUR portable cassette player. Send me a message for my address and then mail me your cassette player. I will then put the cassette into your player and rig your device so that it can never play any cassette other than the SP50 cassette!

Your newly rigged SP50 cassette player will be numbered and dated. There is no set number of copies I will make, instead there is a deadline. December 31, 2012 is the last day I will make SP50. At that time the mold will be broken and the chance will be missed.

I will return all SP50 cassette players to you within a week of my receiving it.

The track list is based on the order of release. All tracks have been "edited" to flow together and fit perfectly on a 60 minute cassette (or one side of a 120 minute cassette depending on your cassette player) You will notice a large amount of Flat Affect, because originally this label was only for Flat Affect. Have no fear this mixtape is still quite listenable!

Please contact me with any questions you may have! 


Track list:

01 - I Parasite - A Faceless Man
02 - Alogiac Avolition - Preview
03 - Flat Affect - Alogia
04 - Flat Affect - Cognition
05 - Flat Affect - Anopsia
06 - Bastard Child - Deception
07 - Flat Affect -  Illusion
08 - Flat Affect & W0-5100 - there
09 - Flat Affect DRK Shitcaster - Live 04.19.2008
10 - Flat Affect - Cleaving Unto Silence
11 - Flat Affect - Heresy
12 -  Noise Nazi - Social Automation Technology
13 - Flat Affect + CilXec - Natures Majesty [Edit]
14 - Flat Affect & CilXec - Three Days
15 - Graffiti Mechanism - Blueberry
16 - Flat Affect - Bleed for Me 2nd Hemorrhage Remastered
18 - Microbit Project - Dark Logo
19 - Arxo & Neurosampler - June 35mm (neuroSampler Remix)
20 - Execution Support Act - He Used The Screwdriver
21 - neuroSampler - Transforming
22 - Fm-Ra - Oblivion
23 - MushroomWavved Collar - Depth
24 - RedSK - Salvia Divinorum Bad Trip Time Travel
25 - Execution Support Act - As The Inhabitants Slept
26 - Evening Gown - She Was Three People
27 - RO-or - Tam-tam Is Dance
28 - Inconnu Ictu - Somehow, Five Minutes Then A Two Seconds
29 - Pollux - Gnossienne (IV, V)
30 - Graffiti Mechanism - Popcorn
31 - Aud - Intro
32 - Jason EVIL Covelli - Weirdo
33 - Alexander Bianco - Untitled 3
34 -  Wúye Dùiyo - First Recording
35 - Consistency Nature - My Face, As Blank As Continents
36 - Jason EVIL Covelli - Disturbing Behaviour (RedSK Remix (Flat Affect Redeux))
37 - c4 - rec0623-064737
38 - Vlad Shegal - looking for
39 - Flat Affect & Consistency Nature - A Dream of Anopsia
40 - Vziel Projet - Launching a Ship to the Land of Almighty Wireworm
41 - Kai Nobuko -The Elephant
42 - RedSK - Stutterpuss
43 - Gehinnom - Totalitarian Mind
44 - Pollux - Cross & Crisis

Thursday, June 21, 2012


The first SP Net release in 2 years!!  How VERY exciting!
MASSIVE compilation!  19 artists, all very devoted!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Music for Mental Health

Earlier today SP advertized on facebook a Cassette release using remnants from mental health resources. The result was 19 artists, 90 minutes. The release will be housed in a manilla envelope with life-skills inserts, and wrapped in a Rorschach test grading scale! Thank you to all the artists involved:

Consistency Nature
DJ Kaos
Ganglion Cyst
Hollywood Videogame Kill-bot
Jason "Evil" Covelli
Matt Builds Character
Mr. Bull
Neil Jennings
Noise Nazi
Sid Yiddish
Toxic Chicken
Vlad Shegal
Vziel Project
Wuye Duiyo
Flat Affect


SP is going Guerrilla style! Stay tuned to I will be posting for submissions for compilations and releases demanding immediate attention. Formats will include floppy disk, CD-r, 8-Tracks, and whatever other formats I can find! Just Yesterday SP released: SPFD01 - Flat Affect / Jason "EVIL" Covelli Split Floppy Disk SPFD02 - Flat Affect / Alexander Bianco Split Floppy Disk

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lobith Lobit Noise Festival

Flat Affect is confirmed and will be performing at the Lobit Noise Festival in Lobith, the Netherlands.

Interestingly, this is only 2 hours from where I was raised!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I have purchased the web domain This is a webpage primarily for my Flat Affect project. I will likely expand it at some point to include more information about Bastard Child and SP Net.

I have restored the old site from 2009 that is encyclopedic in regard to every Flat Affect album, track, and contributer. check it out.

I am slowly updating the page to include everything released since 2009, but this is a lot of work, so it will take a while!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Free Flat Affect Albums!!

I decided to clear out my drawer of Flat Affect albums and sent them all to TrashFuck to distribute. As a result, TrashFuck is giving away a HUGE variety of Flat Affect albums with every order.

Check out TrashFuck selection and order some shit!