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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


SP is going Guerrilla style! Stay tuned to I will be posting for submissions for compilations and releases demanding immediate attention. Formats will include floppy disk, CD-r, 8-Tracks, and whatever other formats I can find! Just Yesterday SP released: SPFD01 - Flat Affect / Jason "EVIL" Covelli Split Floppy Disk SPFD02 - Flat Affect / Alexander Bianco Split Floppy Disk


  1. Will some compilations be "noise" or "harsh noise" style? I might have a little 2 minute track to contribute for a compilation if you need to fill some blank...

    Nice idea for the 8 tracks! I have been scavenging and storing some for a project myself... but finding really nice onces is challenging... most need investment of time to replace the foam pads (but that works well, but time consuming).

    anyhow, cheers!

  2. I learn as I go, friend!!

    Noise, Harsh Noise, Dark Ambient, Folk music. We are all equal in SP! It is the talent that matters!!!

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