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Thursday, June 21, 2012


The first SP Net release in 2 years!!  How VERY exciting!
MASSIVE compilation!  19 artists, all very devoted!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Music for Mental Health

Earlier today SP advertized on facebook a Cassette release using remnants from mental health resources. The result was 19 artists, 90 minutes. The release will be housed in a manilla envelope with life-skills inserts, and wrapped in a Rorschach test grading scale! Thank you to all the artists involved:

Consistency Nature
DJ Kaos
Ganglion Cyst
Hollywood Videogame Kill-bot
Jason "Evil" Covelli
Matt Builds Character
Mr. Bull
Neil Jennings
Noise Nazi
Sid Yiddish
Toxic Chicken
Vlad Shegal
Vziel Project
Wuye Duiyo
Flat Affect


SP is going Guerrilla style! Stay tuned to I will be posting for submissions for compilations and releases demanding immediate attention. Formats will include floppy disk, CD-r, 8-Tracks, and whatever other formats I can find! Just Yesterday SP released: SPFD01 - Flat Affect / Jason "EVIL" Covelli Split Floppy Disk SPFD02 - Flat Affect / Alexander Bianco Split Floppy Disk